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"All the Best"
Super hit Play
"All The Best"
K.Jaghuchandra as Chandrakanth
Kadar Shah as Dilip
Madhu Umargi as Vijay
Malathi Suradeshpande as Mohini
Written :Devendra Prema(Marati)
Translated to Kannada :Prahaldha Deshpande
Direction:  Yeshwanth Deshpande
Paper Comments
All ends well in"All the Best" play - Narayan Kulkarni in The Indian Express
"To break the monotony, the Yavanika Cultural organisation of Navanagar presented a play 'All the Best'
which made the audience Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, all the way for more than two hours."
Good, Clean laughter- Laxmi Chandrashekar, The Hindu
" The play exhibits all the signs of a potential hit and is likely to over take the records set by shows which owe their
popularity to cheap jokes rather than theatrical merits."

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