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Namaskara Kannada Mitrare
 Dear Members;

    As we return from the recently concluded 5th Sammelana of Srigandha, I would like to share these thoughts with you. It was fun having you and your family at the 5th kannada Sammelana at Orlando, Fl. I hope you enjoyed the program as much as we did. Your support was crucial for the successful organisation of this convention. I thank you all for extending unstinted support both during this event and over the last several years. As you know Srigandha has chartered a new course during this year. Membership to this budding organisation will go a long way implementing the objectives for which it was begun. I thank all the members who kicked off life membership on the convention day,and also thank all others who became ordinary members and would like to encourage them to become life members in the future. Please spread this message amongst the kannadigas of your local community and enhance the membership of our organisation. Our aim is to put Srigandha on a strong foundation on which the future generation of kannadigas can build on. It was heartening to see the building and renewal of friendship bonds between all the members and their children alike. Srigandha has already achieved a big family status , let us nurture it together.
Renuka Ramappa, President

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