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w y‹X‡ About Us

As the number of Kannada speaking people went up in the state of Florida, in one of usual informal gatherings a proposal to form an association to represent the interests and promote the culture and language of Kannada was made and accepted wholeheartedly, and thus was born Srigandha Kannada Koota of Florida in 1992. From its inception Srigandha has been instrumental in bringing together the family of kannadigas on various occasion, the high point being the annual all Florida conventions. Srigandha has been sucessful in hosting five such conventions to date. The sixth convention is scheudeled in September 2000 in Tampa, Fl.

All of these conventions have been instrumental in introducing new members and reestablishing contacts among the older members. The next generation of kannadigas also make use of the opportunity to exchange ideas and foster friendships, in addition to taking part in cultural activities. Of late these conventions have also been events which attract the visiting artists from Karnataka, thus giving Srigandha an opportunity to encourage talents from India. With increasing number of artists landing on American soil either as a part of delegations performing in different cities for Kannada organizations or migrating to U.S, the need for a strong organization is all the more important to effectively channelize these events locally.

Srigandha has been fulfilling this need for the kannadigas of Florida, but this is not our sole aim. The Srigandha aspires to hold a place in the hearts of our next generation of kannadigas. Srigandha hopes to be repository of information regarding Kannada and Culture on which our children can draw upon at times of need. It should also be a medium through which future generation of kannadigas can maintain and reestablish contact. Srigandha should be available to them whenever they want it. Srigandha also wants to span its activities into charitable causes both locally and in India. It needs members support in identifying causes and draw up plan to implement it. To acehive the above objectives Srigandha plans to enroll more members into the organization.

This process began at the fifth convention in Orlando with about 10 members joining as life members on convention day.We hope to expand this program during the coming year.In mean time Srigandha plans to continue organizing programs at the local level and would be interested to coordinate such activities across Florida.

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